Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Marketing Through The Psychology Of Persuasion

To understand why your marketing plans work or don't work, you need to look deep into what goes on in your customer's head. That's where this book takes you. It's a classic work on persuasion that will show you not only why behavior can be altered, but how to do it. The author, Robert Cialdini, is a professor of marketing at Arizona State as well as president of a consulting company specializing in ethical persuasion. Unlike my book on the subject, The Dynamic Manager's Guide to Marketing and Advertising (which draws heavily from the stories of business owners), some of the material here might be a little technical for the casual reader, but the serious business reader will find it worth the effort. Marketers, sales people, and managers of all stripes should take the time to understand the concepts in this substantive work.

Dave Donelson distills the experiences of hundreds of entrepreneurs into practical advice for small business owners and managers in the Dynamic Manager's Guides, a series of how-to books about marketing and advertising, sales techniques, hiring, firing, and motivating personnel, financial management, and business strategy.

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