Friday, October 1, 2010

Hello World - Welcome To The Dynamic Manager

Succeeding in a small business isn’t impossible, it’s just hard. It’s hard to handle the thousand details of starting up and the thousand more you face every day once your business is open. It’s hard to create an effective marketing strategy. It's hard to hire good employees, motivate them, compensate them, and help them grow your business. It’s really hard to manage your cash flow and keep your company solvent and on the growth track. But it’s not impossible.

I’m Dave Donelson, and I’ve helped hundreds of small business owners and managers run successful enterprises all across the country. I've advised them on everything from advertising campaigns to corporate restructuring. In The Dynamic Manager Blog, I’ll show you how to manage and grow your business by following a few basic rules of the game. Some of them come from my experiences in my own businesses, others from what happened in my clients’ stores and offices. Others were drawn from the lessons learned by small business owners themselves, from auto repair shop owners to nursery retailers, clothing stores to insurance agents and told to me in my role as a business journalist. In other words, this book isn’t about theory--it’s about the real world of small business management.

Much of the material in The Dynamic Manager books, audio books, website, and blogs comes from seminars I’ve presented around the country over the years. Some of it has appeared previously in the national business and trade publications I write for. I encourage you to sample, to think about, and to try out different concepts over time. I hope you’ll find some useful guidance that fits your specific situation and discover some tactics you can use to accomplish your particular goals.

Above all, I hope you gain a few insights into how to grow your business by becoming a Dynamic Manager.

Dave Donelson, author of The Dynamic Manager's Guide To Marketing & Advertising: How To Grow Sales And Boost Your Profits
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